Ball Grid Array

IES, Inc. is a leader in processing Ball Grid Array devices

Ball Grid ArrayOver the past 12 years we have seen these packages become smaller and the ball pitch tighter. IES can provide a comprehensive process development for any device that you may choose.

What sets IES apart from the competition?

  • More than 11 years of experience in placement and processing.
  • 9 years of experience with micro BGA devices.
  • Processing flip chip BGA's down to .5mm pitch.
  • Ability to place BGA devices and perform hand assembly of prototypes without the cost of solder stencils, programming and setup fees.
  • Extensive experience with localized rework of BGA's utilizing our Pace TF2000 Rework Stations.
  • Our BGA machine to verify BGA reflow and rework processes.
  • Advanced Image Processing software on our X-ray system to further verify ball collapse, presence of voiding and profile construction of solder deposits.

Ball Grid Array Rework

X-Ray Imaging System

X-Ray ImagingOur X-Ray offers additional quality control over the Surface Mount Manufacturing and the BGA Rework/Replacement process.


Ball Grid ArrayTF2000 Capabilities include: Placing a wide variety of component types and sizes: PBGAs, UBGAs, CSPs, Flip Chips or any SMD; effectively pre-heating multi-layer and large circuit boards; documenting quality assurance and process control. The TF2000 delivers unparalleled programmability and process control to ensure accurate placement and installation.