Hand Solder

Rework, Repair, Engineer Changes, Prototypes

IES, Inc. understands that to satisfy our clients we have to provide the Best Quality product at the Best Price with the Fastest Turn-around Time in the industry.

That is why our Rework & Repair facility is devoted to quality and quick turnaround services. We can accomplish this because of our highly trained and experienced operators. Our operators average over fifteen years of experience in a wide variety of circuit board configurations. With over thirty, fully equipped rework stations, IES, Inc. has the knowledge, expertise and the necessary equipment to meet any client's needs.

Hand Solder

World Class Quality

The pictures shown where taken for an analysis conducted by Siemens. The analysis was required in order to certify IES, Inc. as an approved supplier.

The Analysis was unable to detect any defects on the 46 solder joints evaluated. Siemens stated that, "Per IPC-A-610C standards the solder joints would not only be acceptable but preferred!"

World Class Supplier Award

World Class Supplier