ProductionWhether your needs extend to prototype, pilot production, or full production, IES can be your cost-effective end-to-end solutions provider. We offer value-added services starting from engineering design assistance to handling logistics or inventory management for the assembled product. Our facilities are equipped to effectively handle projects from low volume, high complexity systems to high volume, full-scale final production and fulfillment.

Prototype Development

Prototype DevelopmentOur research staff can aid you in every step of product development from product design to locating the best supplies. We realize that any process is only as good as the people involved. You will find our staff is enthusiastic, courteous, and knowledgeable.

Turnkey Production

IES provides state-of-the-art facilities for the complete manufacturing of your product. By applying JIT concepts to inventory purchases and in-house production, our inventory costs are kept to a minimum.

Consignment Production

IES’s flexibility offers a variety of inventory handling solutions for you. We offer the option that you purchase and manage your own electronic and electromechanical components, maintaining control of your inventory. We ensure the safety of your product and inventory, while giving you an edge by providing quality assembly services.

Test and Troubleshooting Services

Turnkey ProductionOur staff of test and troubleshoot technicians are capable of analyzing difficult designs and assembly configurations. You will find our test technicians are very knowledgeable and capable of providing In-circuit testing, Functional testing, J-Tag testing, Processor programming, and Troubleshooting to the component level.