At IES we provide a full range of electronic manufacturing services utilizing the latest technologies, manufacturing systems and experienced staff. We can provide any single service or a combination of services to address your requirements and integrate with your product plans.

Our state of the art Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assembly equipment, manufacturing systems and experienced staff are able to provide individual or combined capabilities to successfully bring your product to market. As a customer driven company we are continuously evaluating advanced technologies against our customer requirements in order to keep each customer ahead of their competition. IES’s current service capabilities can provide:

Materials Management

Our ERP system and direct link to key suppliers allows for effective and timely material control. The system allows real time, turnkey, supply chain solutions based on customer requirements and total cost. Combined with supplier partnerships the integrated system provides fast and flexible supply chain management and material solutions.

Parts Programming

We can program a part on-site or work with a supply chain provider.

Prototyping and Pilot Builds

From a single piece to your volume requirements IES can build prototypes quickly.

SMT Production Assembly

IES’s PCB assembly capabilities extend from thru-hole to SMT fine pitch, BGA, µBGA and leadless device mounting.

Through-Hole Production Assembly

IES can use our automated Panasonic Pin-Through Hole line or manually insert.

Hand Solder

IPC and J-STD CLASS III certified personnel.

3D Solder Paste Inspection (SPI)

Inspection of solder paste deposits inline of solder-paste printing process to provide fast, reliable and accurate assembly.

X-Ray Inspection

Inspection for process optimization and anomaly detection to provide fast, reliable and accurate assembly.

Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI)

Rapid defect identification and analysis can be advantageous because it can reduce the response time, rework, and costs caused by defects in manufacturing or a product’s manufacturability. As a result, IES is constantly challenged by the need to rapidly collect and analyze any new data and use it to improve yield rates of electronic products. IES has enhanced its QA inspection capabilities with the addition of Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) to augment visual inspection to ensure process optimization and control.

Wave Soldering

Lead and Lead-Free wave solder processes are available.

Water Wash

To remove resin and flux residues from PCBAs.

Wire and Cable Assembly

IES can provide certain wire assembly and cable fabrication services for our customers or engage our wire and cable suppliers.


PCBA, Functional and System test can be custom designed for each customer and provide information for continuous improvement.

Quality Assurance

From purchasing through production IES team members are focused on the accuracy of the systems and the quality of products produced for every customer. Assemblies conform to the requirements of IPC-A-610 Class III and J-STD-001 if so required and design capable.


Traceability coverage can begin with component to PCB board or extend throughout the production lifecycle to offer coverage for: materials, machine, process and full system build relationships.


First Article Inspection Reports

Conformal Coating

Different customer applications often require post assembly conformal coating of circuitry for environmental or high stress conditions. We offer conformal coating capabilities as a solution to those requirements.

Box Build and System Integration

We provide vertically integrated, turnkey solutions that offer a seamless extension of our customer’s operations. We offer sub-system and complete system assembly services to our customers. We can provide complete box build services, complete with software configuration and final test to specifications.


Static or Dynamic thermal cycling of components and assemblies.