IES is committed to the development of long-term integrated relationships with our partners. Our partner developments are one of the ways we capitalize on leading technologies to improve our service offering, decrease costs and reduce cycle time. We will continue to invest in upgrading and expanding our existing capabilities to continuously improve technology development.

We appreciate and respect our suppliers and promise to provide support, fairness and integrity in all our sourcing decisions. We are open for inputs, idea and feedback that help us to be a better partner, improve how we do business together, support you and your business and also serve our mutual end customers.

IES concentrates in all sectors on only the best suppliers. In selecting our suppliers we emphasize factors like Total Cost, quality, environmental awareness and compliance with our standards and our customer’s standards in the supply chain.
The requirements documents contained within this website are incorporated into IES purchase orders by reference. All suppliers shall provide products or services to IES subject to these requirements, except in cases with documented approval from IES.

Your understanding of and adherence to these requirements is critical to our mutual success and to our continuing business relationship.

If you have any questions relating to this material, please contact the IES Purchasing or buyer with whom you normally do business.

IES Purchase Order - General Terms and Conditions